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Test of P-47 Thunderbolt cockpit display


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what a no 1 display you have , some time drop me a line i would love to talk with you about your display and other p-47 items and collectables in the p-47 hobbie. p-47s are my favorite ww2 aircraft. p.s. how long did it take you to aquire this group ? 43-63963

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We are regularly diving 3 different P 47D wrecks and I would like to build a set-up quite like what you are realizing. Can we communicate directly via e-mail or WhatsApp?


I have access to quite some WWII wrecks. What I am looking for is a set op peddles like what you have + a stick for a P 47.


Wrecks we have are a.o. P-38, P-40, B-25, Betty, Tony, Oscar etc. All on land. While we have several P 47D's in the water I have not yet found a decent one on land.


Kind Regards,


Max Ammer



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