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M1948 Field Kitchen Tent Flyproof


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yesterday I came across a man who was cleaning out an old barn - so I stopped and asked if I can have a look and if he has some old army things.

He had and I was able to grab an old Army tent and some more things.

The Tent is an M1948 Fieldkitchen Tent made in 1972.

Now I have to look for the poles and pins to put it in use...

My questinon is, what was it especially used for - were field kitchens placed inside or were the troops fed inside, I´m not shure, so maybe someone can help. I know that the mobile field kitchen Trailer was used from the 1980th, so how long were this tents in Army use. Maybe someone can explain or give me an advice, where to look, best would be a layout plan for the use of it inside.


Thank you



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The Technical Manual is a good place to start.










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The tent was used for company level field kitchens. The raised end was where the 3 field stoves would sit and was created to allow the heat from the stoves to rise and escape. The tent could also be configured to act as a cover for the feeding line. Great design that stayed in service until replaced by the kitchen trailers now in service. Poles shoudn't be too hard to source but there are a lot of them. This tent is not appropriate for WWII displays but fits incely into Korean war and Vietnam war displays.

Tom Bowers

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