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The T5 Main and Reserve Parachutes as used by the Airborne in WWII

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In light of a recent discussion concerning T5 parachutes, I thought it would be interesting to see what people have and discuss the T5 Main Parachute, Reserves, and Camouflage canopies in an attempt to learn more about them. Please share whatever you have and I invite any discussion of these to learn more about them. I'll present some of my T5 mains first and progress into the reserves later. Excuse my poor photography skills ! Starting with a White harness Reliance.





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Next up is dirty National Automotive Fibers T5 Main that was found in a Texas Storage shed - inside in pencil is written "torn canopy" which is unfortunately long gone.


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Next is an Irving T5 Modified, I've got this on a manniquin so I'll have to wrestle it off for better shots, I'll post more tomorrow but again I invite others to post what they have.


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