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Post your Military Buckles - with or without the belt


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Very small buckle with eagle with AEF above, and V in the center of the shield. I have absolutely no idea what this is. My guess, however is AEF stands for Allied Expeditionary Forces, and the V I have no guess.

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Era unknown, Manchu (9th Infantry Regiment) buckles. In the late 90s, Soldiers who were part of the 9th IN or supported them wore these buckles to show they'd completed the "Manchu Mile," a 25 mile forced march. Rumor was that these were officially authorized by Department of the Army to be worn with uniform in other assignments (I never researched to confirm/deny that).


I bought these as collection items, not as a member of the Manchus.



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VMI First Class Private belt, and 2-72 AR belt. Both of these were mine, as a cadet at VMI and later as Battalion Fire Support Officer in 2-72 AR (1st Brigade, 2ID).


The VMI belt was uniform issue - it shows that it hasn't been shined in over 20 years. The "Dragon Force" buckle was unofficial, worn with BDUs in Korea in the late 1990s.




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Cobra 6 Actual

A lot of nice buckles on here!


Kinda reminding me of Army / Navy games though LOL! As soon as I find some of my others I'll be adding them.



Did someone say "Army / Navy games" ... ?


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