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Banana River Naval Air Station

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To the best of my knowledge the above image of the duck in the water eating a banana is not the Disney design for the Banana River Naval Air Station.


The design below is the one created by Disney artist Van Kaufman for the NAS in the Spring of 1942.


blog Banana River.JPG


The above black-and-white image is one of many dozen contained in a scrapbook that Van kept during the war of emblems he created.

Wanted: Disney World War II related items.




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Well , there Ya go , you can't always take for granted 100% when told by someone who "Knows" , that they really don't , I should have asked for more "proof" on it when I was told this some years ago ...........................

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And Yes Dave, the image you posted is one I've seen and would have posted but didn't have a image on file .......

It's shown in full color in the book "Disney Dons Dotags , page 83

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