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1938 Army Tanks Picture - Minnesota National Guard


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I recently found this picture and thought it had excellent detail to it. It is actually a real photo post card, I believe it to be an individually taken picture as opposed to a mass produced one, but could be wrong.


The back of the picture card is sort of captioned, and is also post marked 1938 from Little Falls, MInnesota, which is just outside Camp Ripley and likely was where 1938 Camp Ripley mail was routed to on its way to where ever.


For a real photo card, its a bit late, most I see are no later than about the mid 1920's typically.




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Great image. These look like M2A2 tanks of the 7th Tank Company. The 7th Tank Co. was absorbed into the 68th Infantry Regiment (light Tanks) as Company F in January 1940.


The 7th received its tanks in 1938. Charles Lemons states they were supposed to receive M2A2s but received 9 reconditioned M2A1s instead. This photo clearly shows they are 7th Company tanks ("7" below the tank insignia and 7th Division insignia above) and that they are, indeed, M2A2s, numbered, at least, 2-4.


Of special note to helmet guys, check out the leather helmet on the tanker on our right side of the image! Wish I had one of those in my collection!


Treat 'em rough,



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Thanks John!


So was that a Minnesota National Guard unit then?


I had thought that the 194th was the only Armor unit the MNG had.


The original image is actually really well detailed, I always lose details when I have to resize them. :(

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No, not a MN National Guard unit. They were regular Army.


The 7th Tank Company was part of the VII Corps area with one platoon based at Fort Snelling. They originally had US M1917 tanks provided in 1921. I suspect this photo is when they are running around with their "new" tanks in 1938!


Very cool...love this interwar Tank stuff!



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