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UH-1H Huey 66-17054 - Vietnam & Minnesota Guard service


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I had not seen this Huey until a few weeks ago, it is on display at the American Legion in LaCrescent, Minnesota. I suspect it is likely a recent addition to their post.


It is a former Minnesota Army National Guard Aviation helicopter, I assume out of their old unit in St Paul at the downtown airport.


I was amazed at how complete this is. I suspect not a thing has been stripped, even the control sticks are still intact, as the pics show. It is in excellent condition overall, the engine included it appears.


I Google searched this helicopter and found it had time in Vietnam with the 61st Assault Helicopter Company from January 1969 to January 1970, then service with the 79th Transportation Company in Vietnam from January 1970 through April 1970, then May 1970 to January 1971 was with the 114th Assault Helicopter Company in Vietnam, then February 1971 was its last month in Vietnam, that with the 166th Transportation Company. It came back to the states after that, and then to Germany for a while, then the US again, then the National Guard in December 1975 until it was retired.


If only this thing could talk.








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