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Places in Germany

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It has been 30 years since I have been over there, so my information may be a bit dated.


Ask around, and there may be a local flea market. Some are held in conjunction with a Saturday morning market day.


The best one I ever saw was In Metz, France, right across the border. But I believe Frankfurt has had a long standing one as well.


There are such things as military surplus stores in Europe. Sometimes the offerings can be pretty plain, but like surplus store in the US sometimes you find a surprise.


As far as German WWII militaria, keep in mind that antique stores are prohibited from displaying items with a swastika. However, sometimes if you ask politely, they may have items under the counter or not on display. But also keep in mind that the fakes and reproductions have invaded Germany just like every other market in the world.


If you are near as US base, the antique shops might have some US related items. But there are local collectors seeking these items as well. Hope this helps.

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For future reference;


I'm south of Wiesbaden. In Kaiserslautern there is a single surplus store with limited choices and several modern repro items. In Homburg (not Hamburg) and Frankfurt there are massive flea markets held the first Saturday of every month. Look these up online for more information regarding location within town. These are the best places I have found, short of dedicated militaria markets in Belgium.

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When I visited Berlin there was nothing, I went to the flea market tho and found some WW2 German Army items like paper work, medals, ect but no Nazi items

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