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Military Men who Resemble Celebrities

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C'mon, Patches-- you da' man! I know you can get this one. Neither of them are obscure--- just really old. The officer was a flag officer and the celebrity, with a mug like that, was from the Golden Age of Comedy.

You win, I'm stumped :lol:

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Who loves ya' baby! Great likeness. Telly was a cool dude-- he and his family lived in a suite at the Sheraton Universal right next to Universal Studios. He hung out there like it was his home. He was glad to talk to anybody and they named the bar after him. My buddy, JPW, was the doorman back in the 80s and 90's and Telly's family practically adopted him. Telly died at the Sheraton.




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A pal of mine bumped into Telly in Vegas and he was a huge fan of "Kelly's Heroes" and asked Telly all kinds of questions about the movie. After a log talk, Telly said he had to go but not that he wanted to but he had to, citing how nobody had ever asked him about that movie that he could ever recall and he liked talking about it.

Lee Bishop Formerly known as "Ratchet 5" with the 2nd Infantry Division (yes, in REAL life)

US WW2 War Correspondent collector

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Aerialbridge, I recognize two of your servicemen look-a-likes ... George Bush Senior, aka "41" and actor Sean Penn. No idea who the third one is.


Here's a WW I 78th Division Doughboy that kinda'-sorta'-maybe looks like one half of a sibling, singing, comedy duo that had their own variety show during the 1960s???


Doughboy photo courtesy of the John Adam-Graf collection


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Here's another celeberity look-a-like. This WW I soldier in training looked (to me) a lot like one of Hollywood's most iconic leading men from the 60s, 70, and 80s. He started out in television. Then he made it BIG on the silver screen ... Any gueses?


Doughboy photo courtesy of the John Adam- Graf collection


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I'm gonna say good ole Clint Eastwood.



Specific areas of collecting and buying interest:

WWI/WWII 40th (Sunshine) Division, Camp Kearny, Camp Harry Jones, WWI/WWII 158th Infantry, USS Oklahoma, USS Swordfish (SS-193), Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Mexican Border (1916),

Norman Air Technical Training Center (NATTC) Norman, OK, Tinker Field or AFB, Submariner Items, Knives, Bayonets, Sweetheart Jewelry, other unique

or odd items with interesting stories.


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The actor portraying Audie Murphy in "To Hell and Back" has a stunning resemblance to the military man he is portraying :P. It's like they were separated at birth!




ASMIC #5492


Are you a militaria collector in PA, NJ or DE? If so, please feel free to join my "Delaware Valley Militaria Collectors" page on Facebook:



Check me out on Instagram @philly_militaria_collector



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