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Military Men who Resemble Celebrities

world war I nerd

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19 minutes ago, patches said:

A Twofer For Tonight.


This WWII 99th Div GI and Stanly Tucci (I painted the thin mustache on Tucci 332731733_emoticonlaugh.png.4520f208bb94668f3f5dd9bf6c6db4c7.png)




Tucci with Ollie Platt in the 1992 comedy classic Beethoven 238958136_emoticonlaugh.png.49a374f4920c7308c10b9317f2626451.png


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Louis Wohlheim and this Jaeger of the 12th Jaeger Battalion, Wohlheim plays a German Soldier in All Quiet on the Western Front, Stanislaus Katczinsky


kat 12th jaeger 1917.jpg

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This British Commando during training and Scots Actor Gordon Jackson (Tunes of Glory, The Great Escape etc, etc)



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