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Silvey's "US Military Knives of WW2"

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I just ran across this ad on ebay. It's a mint book, Mike Silvey's, "US Military Knives of WW2". The seller wants a Buy Now price of $30, that's half of what they went for. I know! Ebay item # 181834093262. I do not know the seller, but this is a real good deal. I also know some of the collectors here are looking for this book. Check it out gang, it's a good deal in my eyes. Just trying to help! SKIP

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rocksome- It is a good book, has great color photos, but it doesn't have much historic, or technical information. What you also need is one of M.H. COLE's books on US Military Knives. Recommend Book III, IV, or the "Best of Cole"s". Mr Cole's books are beautifully done line drawings, w/ a lot of info, this goes perfect w/ Mike Silvey's Book with the fantastic color photos. These two works go hand in hand, and I believe a must for the serious collector. A real "Dynamic Dual". I have Cole's Books III, and "Best of Cole", plus Silvey's Book, Coniglio's "M3 Trench Knife of WW2", and Gary Cunninghams "US Bayonets of the 20th Century", and "Military Knives, A Reference Book". In my opinion, those 6 books will set any collector of US military knives on the road to not only a great collection, but also he knowledge one needs to do it. Plus they are all "good reading"! I constantly refer to all of them. SKIP

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