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Salvage Sailor

Pineapple Army The Wolfhound Pack - 27th Infantry Regt Schofield Barracks T.H.

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Aloha Everyone,


Several years ago, I posted a photo archive for the 21st Infantry Regiment "Gimlets", one of the four 'square' regiments assigned to the two Brigades of the Hawaiian Division.


The 21st Infantry Regiment at Schofield Barracks, T.H. circa 1930's



Time for their 'Wolfhound' Brothers to strut their stuff since they had the renowned Wolfhound Pack band to march beside. Many of the photos belonged to a member of a Browning Automatic Rifle squad.


First - some music please.....

Wolfhound Pack Music 02a.jpg

Wolfhound Pack Music 05a.jpg

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I bet some die hard Shirley Temple fans would go nuts for those photos. She passed not to long ago. Very Nice photos





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