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Repro WW2 1/2 Inch Wolf Brown Ribbons and Bars

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My friend who is a current Marine SSGT started making and selling his own half inch Wolf Brown ribbons to for people to use for both reenacting coats and unifoms restorations. He has a huge surplus of NOS ribbon and bronze, gold and blue stars to use as well. The rack shown is a reproduction rack he made for one of my Raider uniforms. His website is on Facebook and is called Wileys uniform accessory shop.

Always looking for new Marine Raider and Paratrooper items. Marine Raider historian, owner of Chutesandskulls.org.

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If all replicas are marked as such.

I'm searching for my collection:
White House Service badge and certificate
Presidential Service and Vice Presidential Service badges and certificates
Army Staff (former General Staff) badge, certificate and collar insignia, DoD and JCS badges
Aide de Camp collar insignia ( Army, USAF, USMC )




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They are pin back. The back of the ribbons are unmarked. Original ones are marked Wolf Brown on the back of the ribbon.

Always looking for new Marine Raider and Paratrooper items. Marine Raider historian, owner of Chutesandskulls.org.

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Great....another repro for someone to manipulate for bad intentions.


Reenacting-wise...they look great. I wish they could be marked on the back in someway to let people know though.




Always interested in the 166th Infantry, 42nd Division, A.E.F.

Quality WW1 studio portraits and real photo postcards of Distinguished Service Cross recipients; showing steel helmets; or other interesting content.

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I am the owner of Wileys. When I started this up I was too worried about what could be done to STOP people buying a rack like you see above and selling it as real. I have done a few things to ensure that they will not be passed off. The first thing I do is use a very strong glue so that they will not only come off, but also if you try to take the rack apart it will ruin the whole thing. The next thing is the ribbon bar itself is a lot thicker than the real ones. This was also done so just at a glance you can tell that it is a repro set. I also have put something on the ribbons so they will hit under a black light as well. Also, the back of the ribbon is NOT marked so that you do not see a WB tag on them. A collector will be able to tell by look and feel that they are repro. But, when they are mounted on a uniform they have the correct 1/2" look and you cannot tell. I will try and post up some other pictures tonight to show the difference for the crowd.

Actively seeking and collecting any 6th Marine Division uniforms, groupings, or items.





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I've seen these up close and I can attest as to the accuracy and impressiveness. Jason has done a very good job of recreating these for the USN/USMC uniforms. I will be directing any of my customers who seek the wider ribbons to Jason. They are VERY GOOD!

Juan Gonzalez, Pres.
WWII Impressions, Inc
Quality uniforms for the serious historian and professional.




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