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Double Buckle boots, Child's copy?

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This most likely is not military but may be of interest to the collectors of footwear. Mods can delete it or move it to different category as wished.


These resemble the WW2 double buckle boots but these are very small size and the buckles and straps are light weight and sewn on instead of being one piece with the top leather.


Comments are welcomed, anyone think these are something other than for a kid? thanks!




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I had a kid size pair back in the 1950's and kid sized HBT fatigues. I wish I still had them, Mom also put some stiches in a fatigue cap to make it smaller, soak it in starch, and let it dry on a can. I ran around with the field gear, helmet and a kids training riflr until I was six. For my sixth birthday I got a USN Mk I Training Rifle.



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