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2nd pattern 1912 eagle snap **KHAKI** magazine pouch

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An interesting P1912 magazine pouch I acquired on a whim. This is the
second pattern, rimmed eagle snap magazine pouch for the 1911 pistol.

Sometime late December 1916, Mills changed their drab color once again,
this time having a much more khaki hue. The first pattern P1912 magazine
pouches had a darker olive drab color; the second pattern pouches had a
pea green hue like that seen in these pistol belts photographed. At nearly
the same time Mills changed their dye, they also began manufacturing a
simplified pouch we collectors colloquially call their third pattern that
utilized the lift-the-dot closure snaps.

This pouch was made in Jan. 1917.

The final photo is one posted by fellow USMF member Fausto demonstrating
his identical magazine pouch.

These are uncommon, but not unique. It's just a transitionally produced
item. I thought it neat enough to be added to the collection.



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