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Unpacking my helmet 2004 OIF, 2nd ID


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I thought this might be of some help to those collecting OIF/ OEF kit.


20015801639_99401d818d_h.jpgIMG_2557 by diego11p, on Flickr



19579757394_bf8309071b_c.jpgIMG_2559 by diego11p, on Flickr



20202414535_b822bd4f1a_c.jpgIMG_2560 by diego11p, on Flickr





I know the photos are not as detailed. I forgot to take them before I installed everything. But I thought what the heck at least someone some day will want to know what these things look like brand new out of the box. I figure ten years and a month later is a good time to show em. I used the box to mail home a package to my wife and unborn son at the time. Still have the box. :lol: Enjoy.


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