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1924 USMC F-A-G...Navy Flying Circus?

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I'm researching a Marine Corps pilot who, in October 1924 while stationed at Quantico, suddenly started traveling and flying A LOT all over the country. In between flights he's listed as the CO of 'FAG', which I assume might be 'Flying Air Group'? His service in Oct-Nov looks like this


October 1924
-1st-4th... Aviation Duty at Wilber Wright Field, Fairfield
-5th-8th CO FAG
-9th-15th aviation duty Nashville, Tenn
-16th-23rd CO FAG
-24th-25th aviation duty Logan Field, Baltimore MD
November 1924
-9th-15th aviation duty at Letta and Colombia
-14th-18th aviation duty Detroit MI
-19th-20th CO FAG
-21st-25th aviation duty Pittsburgh, PA
My first thought was air show, but can't find record of any air show, however I see a group called the Navy Flying Circus with a press photo from June 1924 (he wasn't back in the states yet at the time)
Can any of you aviation buffs enlighten me on this?


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The only thing I have found is mention for those initials as Field Artillery Group but that doesn't make sense if he was a aviator.

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First Aviation Group, organized around 1921 at Marine Barracks, Quantico.

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that makes sense...not use to seeing alphabetical denoters for numbers


Still trying to figure out what they were doing traveling so much those two months

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sounds right to me.. lots of these units had baseball teams and played against each other.

Same with the Seabees.. lots of different baseball teams.



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Baseball Team with notations as aviation duty?


Will have to look for some old team rosters. Thanks for the lead

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Get his service record from St. Louis.

That's the plan, but as he had 30 years of service...25 of which during the period of monthly rolls...it's going to take awhile as I imagine it's rather extensive. Doing research based off the muster rolls in the meantime

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