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APH-5 helmet korean war.

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I recently bought this helmet online and i think its a nice looking piece.

Dont know if the mask is correct , its a MS22001 dated 57/58/59 with a red bottom MC-3A .

Anybody knows in what aircraft it is used in?




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Nice helmet and mask set! The set looks to be correct for the early 1960s with modification/removal of the leather tabs with snaps

and the addition of the Sierra black painted mask receivers with T bayonets. The squadron will probably difficult to figure out.

The lightning bolts and diamonds could give a clue. Since there is no boom microphone assembly, I am guessing fixed wing jet fighter

type aircraft such as the F3H Demon, F4D Skyray, FJ Fury, F9F Cougar, etc. Hope this helps.

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Thanks alot .

I am trying to dress a full display pilot with this helmet so i can take a Z-3 g-suite with a mk-2 survival vest?

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The z-3 anti-g suit would be correct. The yellow MK-2 life preserver vest with 4 pockets on the outside could be used with the

aircraft not using the Martin-Baker ejection seat. The Martin-Baker seats would use the MA-2 torso parachute harness with a MK-3C

life preserver unit and possibly SV-1 survival vest. All of the aircraft that I mentioned above transitioned to the Martin-Baker

type seats during the late 1950s or the early 1960s. Maybe as late as 1962. I will have to take a look at my Martin-Maker MK-5

series book and others to give you exact dates for each of the types of aircraft mentioned above.

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The following are additional aircraft that the helmet/mask could have been flown in:


F11F Tiger

TV Shooting Star

T2V Seastar


Martin-Baker seats were used with some of these aircraft also later on.

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Possible aircraft from the early 1960s and original seats vs Martin-Baker seats.


-F3H Demon----------Original seat-----MBEU MK-M5 by 1959.

-F4D Skyray----------Original seat-----MBEU MK-P5 by 1961.

-FJ Fury----------------Original seat-----MBEU MK-N5 by 1961.

-F9F-8 Cougar--------Original seat----MBEU MK-X5 by 19__.

-F9F-8T Cougar------Original seat----MBEU MK-A5 by 1958.

-F11F Tiger------------Original seat----MBEU MK-Z5 by 19__.

-TV Shooting Star----Original seat----MBEU MK-__ by 1963.

-T2V Seastar----------Original seat----MBEU MK-L5 by 1964.

-F2H Banshee--------Original seat----MBEU ?


-The Martin-Baker MK-P5 used in the F4D Skyray used a seat pan that accepted a REDAR hose from an oxygen mask mounted mini-regulator or a

special connection that was molded into the mask hose end. The oxygen mask did not use the MC-3A connector with the MK-P5 seat.


-I am not familiar with the MBEU seat in the F11F Tiger. Mask most likely used the MC-3A connector?

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