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Thoughts on this camo parachute canopy?

Alex Boban

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Good evening everyone,
I am trying to figure out the origin of this camo parachute canopy. It is a small size, probably for some type of container or signal?
I found it in a bag belonging to a US Army officer who served in the 2671st Special Reconnaissance Battalion (OSS) in Greece during WWII.
He jumped over Greece in June 1944 and fought there for 137 days.
I doubt it could be US, so I tried to do some research on the German and Italian side, with no luck so far.
This veteran's son also served in the US army, probably in Vietnam, so it is a possibility that it could be a Vietnam bring back. The estate sale was a mix of the father and son military uniforms / gear.
If this request doesn't fit the "US only" forum policy, please feel free to lock this post and only allow PM answers.
Thank you all for your inputs!


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Very odd. I don't believe it is a US pattern. As long as it was used by a US soldier, it is fine to share on here.


I also don't believe it is from the Vietnam period.

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