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Seattle muesum survival.


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As noble as this endeavor is it is not surprising to me.


I spent years trying to set up a military history museum in Harrisburg, Pa.


I even had the personal support of the mayor but it was up to me to raise the money.


This money he needs has to come from private sources if he wants it to work but that is a full time job and comes at a price.


What I tried to do at one time was piggy back on the Harrisburg Civil War museum which almost worked.


I would loose control over the collection but in the end the mayor wanted Civil War items only.


I wish him well.

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That's a shame...they used to have a great set up from what I saw on their old website years ago......I know the $$$ would be an issue because 100K is a lot of money, but you'd think at least ONE town could come up with 1000 Sq. feet of floor space...that's really not that much!



Mark sends

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