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USN parachute and USAAF parachute?


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I have these parachutes for to dress 2 full size display air force pilots.

For one i'm sure its a U.S navy seat chute( for maybe a panther F9F) but for the other one i think its army air force (but with aircraft)?

I have several suites of the era and helmets,survival vests... but not the knowledge...

Can anybody of you guys help me figure it out how to put these chutes on the right display?





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I am not an expert on parachutes, but I believe the assembly with the T shaped riser releases is USAF and the one with just the buckles on the shoulders and V type chest straps is USN/USMC. The USAF one could be used with the F-80; some versions of the F-84; T-33. The USN/USMC parachute assy. could be used with the F9F, F4U/AU-1, AD, F2H. The sage green parachute container on the one assembly would be post Korean War. I will do some more research. The following books may help:


The Parachute Manual Vol. 1 by Dan Poynter

US Navy Ejection Seats by Aviation Research


Also, raft/pararaft kits could be used with the parachute assemblies.

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