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USANC Photo. Need Help To Honor A Veteran


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My aunt was a lieutenant colonel in the Army Nurse Corps when she died of cancer in 1980 at the age of 53. Her gravestone erroneously states she served in Vietnam. I am hoping someone can help me date or provide me with some information on this photograph. How can I obtain information on this license plate number "US Army 1J 0511" so I can discern where this photo was taken? She is the soldier on the right in the vehicle wearing a helmet and glasses. I am trying to establish her presence in West Germany or Korea so I can have her gravestone corrected. Also, none of her medals were included in the original inscription for some reason. I am being told I need proof of her NOT being in Vietnam! I can say unequivocally she never served there during the time of that conflict. Does this look like jungle attire to you? post-153993-0-52230400-1436730340.jpg post-153993-0-14240100-1436730728.jpg Military Service Records-Grace Learned (1).doc

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I believe that all soldiers who served during the Vietnam era would have "Vietnam" engraved on their headstone. My cousin served in Germany and has Vietnam on his headstone.

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You don't have to go to all that difficulty trying to determine the location of a vehicle. Simply initiate a SF-180 to NPRC and request copies of her record. It may surprise you what you find.


By the way, if you look at the SSI on your aunt's jacket, it establishes the West Germany connection.


As far as correcting the grave marker. Who submitted the original application? You may be stepping on another family member's feet.

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