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Please share your lifelike mannequins


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Hi Jim

That's a great mannequin and a nice tribute to the Nam Marine, along with the added touch of the captured VC flag. It almost looks real.



Thanks :lol:

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Amazing work everybody.


Jacqueline your work goes above amazing and gets an Outstanding.

 You made plain Jane lifeless mannequin faces into what look to be So realistic. I do love the eye's your doing.

They are looking back at you, Not the empty expressions like the originals.

 You have some serious skills. I would love to be able to do that type of painting.

I'm luck to do house baseboards without getting paint on the walls!! LOL!! 


I would have normally just pasted by this thread, Until I got 2 mannequins I'm looking at in USAAF uniforms and they have baby faces!!!


Semper Fi



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