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9th Infantry Division Jungle Jacket With Recondo Patch

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Very cool. I had seen this JJ for sale at the time but regrettably missed out.

Here's the link to one I posted here last month of a 9th ID, ARVN ERDL shirt with a cool arrowhead reconplatoon pocket patch to the E company, 2nd Battalion, 60th Infantry.



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Here is a page from Col. David Hackworth's book "Steel My Soldiers' Hearts" where he discusses the origins of the Recondo Brigade and badge.


I know this is an old post but personally I would not consider Hackworth to be a reputable source on anything historical.


He had a bad habit of embellishing his stories and leaving out any portion that didn't glorify him, personally.


Certainly Hackworth was a skilled writer and entertaining to read. But I wouldn't rely on Hackworth's statements about his own service without double-checking publicly available records first.


Englewood, CO

US Army 1980-2005

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Working off Longhorn's tip, we know now the GI covered in mud is the 1st Bde 9th Inf Div CO.


He's John Geraci a Brooklyn N.Y. boy


Here's two more of him




This other view of the first photo in the boonies.




And this one of him in 1965 at Campbell with the Screaming Eagles.


Interestingly he was in WWII in the Marine Corps and seen action with them in the Pacific, I think he was a Ground Crewman in the 1st Marine Air Wing (1st MAW).


Here's his BIO, it a three pager.



Here is the caption for the picture of Col. Geraci covered in mud: “Col John P. Geraci, cdr 9th Inf Div, 1st Bde, waits for rescue helo. Hit while trying to evacuate a seriously injured platoon leader, miraculously none of the craft's eight passengers and crew were killed.”


This photo is from the same incident where the colonel is covered in mud. The caption is undated but reads: “Col John P. Geraci, 9th Inf Div, 1st Bde Cdr, and CPT Robert Kayzer, Bde Asst Intel Off, dash for a rescue ship after enemy shot down the C&C helo.”


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The 1st Brigade of the 9th Division in Vietnam was the "Recondo" Brigade and used the recondo emblem. Nobody went to a recondo school. When the 1st Brigade pulled out of Vietnam in the summer of 1969 the 6th of the 31st was moved to the Third Brigade and lost the emblem as they became part of the orphan Go Devil Brigade.


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