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Hi USMF Friends,


For the second time in the last six years my blog was destroyed by malicious people who do not like military issue.


I had a blog (Militaria Collector) on the Internet with more than 400 articles and over 200,000 views which was erased and now a new blog (Museu Militar Virtual) with more than 500 articles, hundreds of photographs and 89,000 views was attacked and erased.


I will not do more of this type of work aimed at informing the hobby and registration information on the history of veterans and on military items that I have in my collection.


I am very saddened by the lack of a response from the provider (blogspot) occurred and the fact that I lost ALL images posted here in the forum.


I will start posting only with attached images right here to there is this risk again.


Then start I´m opening a topic that put some pieces of my collection to make up the topics that were also damaged by the absence of my photos in USMF.


Sorry, fellows! Let's start again.




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