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Today's pick 509th


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Fantastic group. Nice patch is it Italian made or us made?


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That's an incredible grouping!

Collecting WWI 26th Division Machine Gun and Infantry related Helmets, Equipment, Groupings, Photos and Dog Tags!


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Great looking group to a Paratrooper from one of the most combat experienced units to serve in WW2. Thanks for posting.








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blitzkrieg gsd

Yea that's a nice group for sure you did very well with this find. The patch is very nice example of what they should look like. I also like the medals wings and paperwork. Have you thought about sending off for his records from the Archives? Think I would no telling what you may find out about this guy. Could also move the value of this group way up there if you find something good in his records.

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Great find! And it looks like he had a combat jump, Operation Dragoon, to boot!

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