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Today's pick 509th

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oh, man. This is the kind of thing my dreams are made of....

Crapgame: His name is Kelly. Used to be a Lieutenant, pretty good one too-

until someone gave him orders to attack the wrong hill. Wiped out half a company of GI's...

Somebody had to get the blame so he got picked....

Oddball (Laughing): Oh man, I don't like officers...

Crapgame (Laughing): Neither does he, so relax!

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Yea that's a nice group for sure you did very well with this find. The patch is very nice example of what they should look like. I also like the medals wings and paperwork. Have you thought about sending off for his records from the Archives? Think I would no telling what you may find out about this guy. Could also move the value of this group way up there if you find something good in his records.

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