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2 Gew 98 Mausers & Bayonet

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Neat Story. These were brought back from World War 1 by John Hackett. Mr. Hackett was actually one of President Franklin Roosevelts personal attorneys. These hung on the wall in an Adirnondack New York cabin for over 70 years before they were rescued. Mausers are in rough shape. Bayonet in great shape.


I have the opportunity to purchase ONE Mauser with the bayonet. I'd be looking for some help on the markings, etc. Before I go through the effort of resizing and posting pictures as that's time consuming, with this neat back story, is it now ok to discuss these Mausers in depth here? Moderators please let me know. Although rough shape with rust, to my untrained eye, they have really cool Imperial German proof markings. I'd be looking for help to authenticate these as genuine WW1 era, all German Marked with no foreign import markings, what markings mean, approx value, and finally, which of the two Mausers would be better to purchase as I have choice.


I thought these were really neat especially with that back story to compliment my American WW1 collection as a compare / contrast for my teaching.


Anyway, enjoy, and please moderators let me know if I should / can post more pics for discussion.


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The WAF would be a much better place to have a discussion on these rifles. Here is a link: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/index.php


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