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WWI era patches and pins

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Wife found these at a second hand store monday and just gave them to me today! Nice WWI mix of items. The bars with the marksmanship badge include 'CWS WEAPONS" (4th down) and "SUBMACHINE". Crossed rifles is a 'sweetheart' piece i belive. Top badge is a hat badge. To bad about the moth holes in the Trans. Sgt. rank.post-3643-0-67534200-1435811324.jpg

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agate hunter

Cool finds. I have a marksman badge with a CWS Weapons bar on it too. Chemical Warfare Service weapons I believe. Nice Sgt chevron too.

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The Sharpshooter badge with bars is the pattern of 1921 adopted by the Army (and the USMC for a while) after WW1 and still worn today.

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