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Lucky Strike cigarettes

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Hi I found a small pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes, unopened with 12 cigarettes inside. Pack is white putting it after 1942, however it's got Lucky Strike at the bottom, not Lsmft used from 1944. About 3 inches tall. On top is a white strip in German. Marked 8 1/3 PF das struck BAT-UF and 12 zigarette preisorum. Any help? German eagle on white strip, almost imperial looking..but can't be..No swastika. Maybe for allied POW s?

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Hi Garandy,is it possible to add a photo?


In memory of 798 Marine Raiders who were killed in action in World War II.

In memory of four U.S. Army Servicemans from 328th regiment , 26th infantry division.


WILLIAM Bereza KIA 12/24 1944


ALAN Milne KIA 4/8 1945


And when he gets to Heaven, Saint Peter he will tell: "Another Marine reporting, sir — I've served my time in Hell!"



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