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Is this an original SAW campaign hat

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Campaign hat walked into my antique mall booth today. Is this an original SAW campaign hat , it has three snowflake style vents, one on each side, one in rear, has some name and locations written inside, no sweatband and no original strap, has been replaced with military type shoe lace or boot lace


Opinions please? If real, value?


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With the missing sweatband it is going to be tough. What I can tell you is if it was a Government contract piece, it should have just the vent on each side, not in the back. There were a lot of private purchase pieces of this model as well, but third vent does not meet specs set forth by issue ones. Kevin

I am eagerly collecting Pre-WWII USMC material. Any Marine Corps Span Am era, WWI, Banana Wars, or China Marine related material is especially sought after.




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My vote is no. Looks kind of like a Burgess & Co replica. Antique felt looks different and was made different than hats today. Also the silk band is more narrow on originals. Removing the sweatband is a trick that fake peddlers use to sell a made up GAR vet hat (quite frequently on ebay) or in this case Spanish American War campaign hat

Just my opinion,




Seeking Model 1895 and 1902 Named Officer coats as well as Spanish American War Tropical Uniforms.
Also pre WW2 marine uniforms. Always pre-1945 Colorado National Guard Items wanted! Also seeking Rhodesian

Uniforms and Gear used by Americans in the Rhodesian Security Forces during the Bush War (Africa).


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Advanced Collector and USMC Officer --- Paying top dollar for quality Marine Corps antiques. Kepis, shakos, helmets, hats, good conduct medals, old photos, fighting knives, hat and collar emblems, swords, guns, documents. Keep your USMC item in a Marine Corps family! Send me a PM and let me know what you have....





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I have one just like it. It's Boy Scout.

Without data, your just another person with an opinion...................


Selling DVDs of Ordnance Drawings on ebay seller ID 245thcac
Original Research from Museums and The National Archives
1912 Cavalry Board Report, 1910 Infantry Board Report, Equipment Blueprints and Drawing, Coast Artillery Training Films and 1897 Specifications for Clothing

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3rd on Boy Scouts. I still have mine. Old Eagle Scout....

Pvt. James H. Honey 1st Md. Eastern shore Vol. Inf. Co. D (union) Gettysburg
Pvt. George Eddie Lear 26th Inf. Co.H 1st Div .(WW1) P.H. WIA Cpl. Richard Elsea 268th C.A. Bn. Battery A. WW2 SSgt. Grant Elsea 314th Inf. Hq.Co. I.R.79thDiv. WW2
Cpl. Harry Lawrence Butler Jr 23rd Regt. WIA Korea Lt. George Olin Tilghman 111th MG. 29th Div. WW1 DIS France 1919

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when did the scout hats stop putting the BSA emblems on the band?

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