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Darbys Rangers 4th Ranger Battalion Medal Grouping

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Picked this cool group up, the mans name was Sgt Allen Merril tried to join the Marines but was not accepted, he then went on to join the 34th division where he was recruited into the Rangers he was with the Darbys Rangers and then went into the air corps after he was wounded. Flew 24 missions on a b25 as a ball gunner! The man i got the medals from was a close friend of Mr Merril, Alan was his volunteer aide at the VA hospital where he works for 3 years before he died.Mr Merrill gave him his medals before he died a few years back.

I believe he awarded himself the Silver star and the DFC lol cant find any record of them being awarded. In operation Shingle he was the first of 30,000 men to land on Anzio beach! I have the story of his silver star and i will post when i find it. I have his medals and his flight records and some mis paper. From what i was told Alan had some of his military stolen during a move one item was a gymbag with a original Germano Ginger Man path attached. Wanted to post the group , even if he awarded himself the medals he was a heck of a solider!





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