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Wiill R-14 receivers work with the following radios?


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Hi. I've just gotten some of my old radio gear out of the closet and I just can't remember if the R-14 receivers (I believe its called the HS-23 headset) will work with the SCR-284 and the GRC-9 radios. I think I remember that I normally use the HS-30 headset with the cord CD-307 in between the headset and the radio. I know that at least one of my HS-23 headsets has a PL-54 to go into the CD-307 then into the radio via the PL-55. Not sure about the plug on the other HS-23 as it is a little longer than the PL-54. Is impedance an issue to preclude use of the R-14 receivers with the GRC-9 or the SCR-284? ? Thanks, Bil

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