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History in our backyards


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I've always found it fascinating the hidden history that surrounds our homes, towns and cities. These photos were taken at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT. As a lifelong resident I grew up seeing these on our trips there and thought I'd post a couple from a quick trip today due to the beautiful weather. You can just see Long Island in the background, sometimes much clearer than this though.


The first is of a cannon overlooking the Long Island sound. The cannon itself is dated 1794. It's history is lost one now as I don't have my Bridgeport history book available at the moment but I believe it was relocated there after having been used for harbor defense. Behind the cannon, not pictured, is a plaque in memoriam of the Sailors killed on the USS Maine in 1898. The plaque itself was cast from metal salvaged from the destroyed ship.


The second is a massive Civil War memorial statue. On all four sides are panels listing Connecticut servicemen who died in the war along with their units. Pretty sobering stuff. Hope you folks like it


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