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Flying over the hump on "Dumbo Airlines"

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"Dumbo airlines" was the nickname for this unit.

The hump was a high altitude military supply and transport route from India to China over the Himilayas subject to severe weather.

Here is a flying elephant patch (dumbo) I acquired on a jacket along with some other items for this pilot. The photo shows the dumbo patch on the front of the jacket and the CBI patch on the sleeve. The inside of his jacket has a blood chit. It came with a 1 page humorous typed narrative "a day in

the life of a ferry pilot." In the 17:00-0300 section of the story it says:


1700-0300 spends evening telling friends about many experiences in C.B.I. And Alaska, interrupting conversation only to refill glass..tells fiancé how he has been behaving himself and waiting for her, but marriage is now impossible..carefully avoids any mention of the babes in Kansas City or Omaha. Stays in town 3 days. Drunk front and local smoke conditions and low beer scud make flying out of the question.


His other jacket I acquired has the CBI patch and an air transport service pin.

A description for the Dumbo patch I found online states it is for the H-253 WWII flying tigers combat cargo squadron- part of 14th Air Force and later called the 332nd troop carrier squadron. Dumbo is carrying cargo and flying over the Himalayas in bad weather (see the Lightning).

I have some photos of him in front of a couple of planes, neither have the flying tiger shark teeth on them.

I don't think the Disney studios designed this version of Dumbo. Any information or corrections on this is greatly appreciated as I have spent too much time collecting and not enough time on research.


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