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Cleaning CPO rate

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You can take a lint roller and brush to it to remove any dust and any verdigris/corrosion on the metal. But otherwise, there's no good way to "clean" it without the potential of damaging it (either the bullion or the fabric) especially if it's old.


As an aside, I've tried just about every "home remedy" for cleaning bullion over the years and none of them have worked. I finally came to the conclusion that "it is what it is".



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I have to agree with Dave. There were some Supply manuals written for the laundry back in the 1930s-'40s that had some formulas ( I don't remember the ingredients), but I have never seen anything that actually worked. I've been in and around the Navy since the '50s, and when the bullion got tarnished, it just got tarnished. No one ever seemed to mind, or make any effort to clean it. I do not recal that sort of thing even being offered in the Navy Exchange laundry/ Dry Cleaning shop.

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