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A USCGC RUSH (WHEC-723) Patch - Coast Guard Artist!


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Happy Friday all,

Here is a recent find,a US Coast Guard Cutter Rush(WHEC 723) patch.It is a large piece,with a "netted" backing.Rush served with distinction during the Vietnam War.



Here is some info I found about the Rush:

USCGC Rush (WHEC-723) was a U.S. Coast Guard high endurance Hamilton-class cutter that before being decommissioned was based out of Honolulu, Hawaii.
As all Hamilton-class cutters, the Rush was constructed at Avondale Shipyard near New Orleans, Louisiana and launched November 16, 1968, she was the fifth Coast Guard Cutter to be named after Secretary of the Treasury Richard Rush, the nation's eighth Secretary of Treasury.

USCGC Rush has earned numerous awards in her storied history. Many of the Ship's awards were earned for heroic participation in the Vietnam War, as part of Operation Market Time.

In the early 1970s, CGC RUSH saw action in Vietnam and was part of a U.S. Naval Task Force that captured a North Vietnamese trawler that was supplying weapons to the enemy.
Also,on 20 November 1970, the Rush (WHEC 723) and Sherman (WHEC 720) destroyed a trawler with gunfire after it failed to stop. The following spring, on 11 April 1971, the Rush, in company with the Morgenthau (WHEC 722) sank a trawler near the Cau Mau peninsula.


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It is an unusual patch.Are you sure this ship was homeported in San Diego?All the info I found online stated the Rush was based out of Hawaii.


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Salvage Sailor

It is an unusual patch.Are you sure this ship was homeported in San Diego?All the info I found online stated the Rush was based out of Hawaii.


Negative - RUSH changed homeports to Honolulu in 1991, prior to that she was in California at Alameda (Bay Area) as I recall


USCGC RUSH WHEC 723 01.jpg

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Salvage Sailor

Here it is.......Memory still works despite my attempts to destroy it


R 041508Z FEB 15

ALCOAST 040/15


1. On 03 Feb 2015, after 45 years of faithful service to our nation,
CGC RUSH transitioned into commission special status. Throughout her
service, CGC RUSH embodied her motto, Kai I Kai No Ka Oi: the best in
the Coast Guard.


2. Named in honor of Secretary Richard Rush, who served as Secretary
of the Treasury under President John Quincy Adams, WHEC 723 was the
ninth ship in the Hamilton Class cutter fleet. CGC RUSH was launched
from Avondale Shipyards in Louisiana on 18 Nov 1968, and was
commissioned on 03 Jul 1969 at Alameda, CA. CGC RUSH shifted
homeport to Honolulu, HI on 08 Nov 1991 where she finished her
distinctive career.


3. CGC RUSH leaves a long proud legacy of honorable service to
country. In the early 1970s, CGC RUSH saw action in Vietnam and was
part of a U.S. Naval Task Force that captured a North Vietnamese
trawler that was supplying weapons to the enemy. In 2001, while
conducting operations off the coast of Mexico, RUSH confiscated more
than 4.6 tons of cocaine worth an estimated 150 million dollars. In
2006, CGC RUSH executed a North Pacific Guard Patrol. During this
patrol, CGC RUSH made a historic portcall to mainland China, the
first for any major Coast Guard cutter since World War II. Also in
2006, CGC RUSH earned a Coast Guard Unit Commendation for the quick
response to the M/V COUGAR ACE. The COUGAR ACE lost stability 250NM
off Adak, Alaska and began listing 60 degrees to port. RUSH arrived
and rescued all 23 crewmembers.


4. During this last year of service, CGC RUSH conducted fisheries
patrols in four U.S. EEZ areas, three foreign EEZs in support of
foreign allies, and five high sea areas under the authority of the
western and central Pacific Fisheries Commission. CGC RUSH fostered
key international relationships representing D14 during the
Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program meeting in
Apia Samoa. The cutter was visited by the Attorney General of Palau
and hosted the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of the Marshall
Islands during an overnight voyage from Majuro to Kwajalein.


5. To current and past CGC RUSH crews, plank owners, shellbacks
(Golden, Emerald, Horned, or otherwise), subjects of the Golden
Dragon, Blue Noses, and even Pollywogs: Congratulations and Bravo


6. RADM Vincent B. Atkins, Acting Deputy Commandant for Operations,


7. Internet release is authorized.

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  • TO: Fellow "X-Rush-Coasties" & Others
  • SUBJ: The (First 1978 Copywritten) "Polar-Bear-Logo" / Ship Emblem
  • FOR: USCGC Rush WHEC 723 - (Page 1 of 5)


My name is Robert B. Shell, & I was the (original) sole “artistic-designer/inventor” of the Rush’s (1978) “Polar-Bear-Logo”/Ship Emblem; when I was cooking on board this ship as a SNSS, E-4 & E-5 Subsistence Specialist during 1976-1978... (See my attached “1978-Proposed-Rush-Polar-Bear-Logo-Artwork” & my attached* “Polar-Bear” wall plaque photo. *Note: This wall plaque’s “Polar-Bear-Logo” & other kinds of USCGC Rush 723 “Polar-Bear” memorabilia were all “slightly altered” by some other unknown artists.)




From 1976-1978, I spent 1.5 years cooking in the Rush’s galley, wardroom & captain’s pantry - but the majority of my time was spent cooking in the ship’s galley. I also became a Golden Dragon in June 1976. During my 1.5 years on the Rush, our homeport was in San Francisco, CA (aka; USCG Support Center Alameda, CA). During this time period, I also “semi-remember” this ship doing (?90-day) Alaska patrols (ALPATs) w/ resupply & liberty ports in Kodiak, Adak, Ketchican, (?Dutch Harbor, ?Anchorage), & Juneau, AK - plus one special port-of-call to Victoria, B.C. (in ?1976 or ?1977). The Rush also did annual (?3-5 day) military refresher training exercises (REFTREs) w/ the Navy in San Diego, CA.


During my last 1978-ALPAT, the commanding officer & moral officer conducted a “Ship-Wide-Logo-Designing-Contest” so as to update, improve or replace the Rush’s (?Pre-Vietnam or ?Post-Vietnam) “Old-723-Shield-Logo” that was done (in ?1969 or ?1972) by some unknown artist... (See my attached “Old-723-Shield” coffee mug photo w/ my 1978 “Handwritten-I.D.-Label” & my attached *1978 “Updated/Semi-Improved-723-Shield-Logo-Artwork”.)

*Note: I taped my artwork & my 1978 “Handwritten-723-Shield-Logo-Notes” onto the backside of my 1978 submitted “Polar-Bear-Logo-Artwork”.




I do not remember how many other kinds of (1978) “Proposed-New-Logo-Designs” were posted in the main passageway’s bulletin board, or placed into the ship’s “Suggestion/Voting Box” - but my (attached) 1978 proposed kind of (Safe-Guarding/Protective-Looking) “Rush-Polar-Bear-Logo” got the most winning votes. This was because my (1978) submitted “Polar-Bear” logo design best represented the USCGC Rush’s primary mission of doing ALPATs that mostly focused on enforcing U.S. coastal maritime laws & fishing laws, & responding to search & rescue (SAR) calls in the Bering Sea, near the Alaska peninsula & Aleautian Islands.


(Continued in next post)...


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I regrettably do not remember anything more about the “artistic-history” of my “Polar-Bear-Logo” & I know nothing more about the “artistic-history” of any other “Non-Polar-Bear” kinds of “Logos” / Ship Emblems designed for the Rush. Nevertheless, I still have many great memories of cooking w/ SS1-Pat Flynn, SS2-Woody Rose & SS3-George Mimms! *Note: My two attached photos are the only photos of me that I could find in my “USCGC-Rush-Files”.




A special closing thank you to SS1-June Lopez, for teaching me how to cook Pancit, Lumpia, & Chicken & Pork Adobo! He also taught me how to make two (“very useful”) kinds of “Lemon-Peel-Roses” for two (“very appreciative”) cocktail waitresses at the Rusty Pelican - shortly after my 21st B-Day in 1977!!

“Best Wishes” & “Semper Paratus” to all former “Rush-Coasties”; former SS-A/C-School graduates, instructors, school chiefs & former (1985) “Fellow Charter/Founding Members” of the “USCG & American Culinary Federation (A.C.F.) - Wine Country Culinary Alliance (W.C.C.A.)”; when they were stationed at the USCG (West Coast) Training Center Petaluma, in Sonoma Co., CA.


Sincerely yours,
Robert B. Shell (aka; “358-Rush-Cook-Bob Shell”)
On Veterans Day -2015 (@ age 59)


P.S. - I was also the (original) sole “artistic-designer/inventor” of my attached* “A.C.A.-Business-Card’s - (Current 1993-2015) - Logo”




*Note: My attached “A.C.A-Logo” also has an “artistic” USCGC-Rush-723 & USCG-A.C.F-W.C.C.A-TRACEN Petaluma related “culinary-history” that dates back to my very first kind(s) of 1976, 1979 & 1985 (USCG & U.S. Post Office) copywritten “A.C.A-Logo(s)”.


*F.Y.I: As it applies to “culinary-history”, I cut-off my 8” pony-tail in May 2000, & I made the attached “A.C.A-Photo-Flyer” in Oct. 2015.




P.P.S. - All of my attached pages w/ enclosed (1978, 1993, 2000 & 2015 copywritten) attachments were also latter approved for internet release on Veterans Day - 11 Nov. 2016, by A.C.A’s national advisory board & “Yours Truly” (aka; “358-Rush-Cook-Bob Shell / R.B. Shell”).

*A.C.A’s internet release is meant for ONLY the USCGC Rush WHEC 723 - Polar Bear Patch / Ship Emblem” related website that was started by “Patchcollector”, on 19 June 2015.
(A website that we trust will continue being 100% free to read.)

*A.C.A’s internet release is not meant for any other kinds of websites, nor is it meant for any kind of private (for profit) / commercial advertising related use…

*F.Y.I. : As A.C.A’s (1993) founding owner, president & national advisory board chair, I have NEVER started, owned, funded or managed any kind of website, because I still hate typing or communicating with others via any kind of “keyboard-dependent-gadget”.


*As it applies to this closing (11/11/2016 dated) “P.P.S.-Note”, any kind of website that uses A.C.A, ACA, ACA4Chefs, ACA-Chefs or American Culinary Alliance in any part of their website’s domain name has NEVER been professionally affiliated w/A.C.A’s national office (in Las Vegas, NV); any of A.C.A’s local/national kinds of mentoring & training services; any of A.C.A’s state/regional advisory board(s); or w/A.C.A’s national advisory board; or w/me - Robert B. Shell, (aka; “A.C.A.-Farmer-35/8-Bob Shell”, or “Eldist-35/8-Grandson” of “A.C.A.-Farmer-III-IV/VII - Ben F. Shell”).


Fin / Page 5 of 5




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Hi Robert thanks for posting all the cool images and info about your designs and time in and out of the Coast Guard.Between the Coast Guard,A.C.A,soup kitchen and logo design you've kept pretty busy over the years!

Regarding the "Pancit, Lumpia, & Chicken & Pork Adobo",I'm well acquainted with those dishes as my wife is a Filipina. :)

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