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Uniform and Gear ID System

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Now that school is over I wanted to do a project over the summer that will help me organize my collection and keep my research with the piece. Collecting modern militaria gives me a great advantage to get info straight from vet and able to have a conversation with them. Often times I can buy straight from the vet or at least a family member, and usually the groupings have a lot of pieces and are very complete. This is a great thing but can also make it difficult to remember "where the heck did this pouch come from..." or "Who's DCU was this?". I would like to come up with some kind of system of tagging and labeling pieces so that I can remember where they came from, from where and what other pieces came with it. I was also thinking of having some type of number system (since I have well over 100 uniforms and tons of gear) that correlates to a file (online or hard copy) that contains all the info I have aquired on the piece if any. That would include pictures, paper work, websites, that contain info on the person. Does anyone do this sort of thing and how should I go about it. Thanks.

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You could use the standard trinomial system that most museum use. The first number is the year the material was acquired, the second number is the number of acquisitions for that year and the last number is an indivdual number for each object. In other words you've just added the 27th thing to your collection this year and it's a group that contains three items. They'd be numbered 2015.027.001, 2015.027.002 and 2015.027.003.

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I have the system for named items

24 maps A to Z Just for last name

i do it like this because i collect allot that is the best way to see fast what i own of a last name

in record of al items i state it like this

map A .




items 8 . Then i take 8 pictures for that map Andrews jake

files papers 0

year of buy 2015

year of make 2013

paid $80

This system works great to keep record of How much you paid for items

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