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WW2 Navy helmet with stripe and star on ebay

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There is nothing wrong with it, looks like a nice helmet. The watermark also says a lot because I don't think there is a more trustworthy seller than Steve. I have dealt with him on multiple occasions and he is very knowledgeable about M1s (which he almost exclusively deals in) and always provides great customer service.


Looking for:

WWII-KW Enlisted/NCO marked M1s

Items related to the Fort Pierce Naval Amphibious Training Base

Medals awarded to Floridians

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This helmet is 100% legit and already on my watch list. B24AT6 said it all, M-1 Helmet Depot is as honest as the day is long and has an impeccable return policy. Steve is also a member here: just-a-good-ole-boy.

"There is no such thing as an expert, only students with different levels of education."

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This is the only photo I have ever come across of a star on top of a helmet. If you look closely above the helmet of the Marine at right, there is at least one more guy with a star on top. U.S. Marines at Bougainville.


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I have no idea, but I guess the star would work as a friendly unit indicator? Like how they have painted stars on the vehicle so friendly aircraft can identify friendly vehicles, so maybe the same concept?

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I once owned this helmet and it's a beauty. When it first came on the market several years ago the story was that it had belonged to a gunner on a D-Day landing craft, but there was no way to verify that. Still a great helmet.



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