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What you have is the:





Developed in 1944 as a first aid kit for individuals, personal kits and life rafts.It was to replace the:





A six unit kit about 4x4x3 containing:

2 boxes four inch compress

1 box sulfanilamide 6

1 box 2 tubes boric acid ointment & 2 vials seasick pills

1 box 6 morphine syrettes & iodine applicator

1 box 24 sulfadiazine.

This kit was included in all life raft kits and also the M-592 back pad kit wrapped 2 boxes making three total units wrapped in foil lined waterproof paper.The pneumatic first aid kit all 6 units were individual wrapped in cellophane then enclosed by kraft paper sleeve then wrapped in a foil lined waterproof paper then stored in waterproofed kraft carboard carton.As you can tell it is a bulky carton.the new individual kit is much more streamlined and to serve more pratical purposes.The guidlines for the new kit were as follows:

size and wieght be minimal.

contents to be limited to essential basic items.

quantities be limited.

container be shock and abrasion proof.

container be refillable.

kit able to worn on person or in aircraft and seat or back pad kits.

moisture proof before open and after use.

removal of any item would not interfere in protection of other items.

On the older kit once opened the other supplies were compremised and once opened it was expendable plus it was bulky with limted applications.The items in the new kit are individualy sealed in a thermoplastic coated aluminum foil allowing the all other components to stay waterproof after opening kit.All items are housed in a cellulose acetate butyrate molded in two halves and sealed with a nonhyggroscopic pressure tape stoed in compartment in the mildew proof cotton twill.In the flap there is a large pocket which houses a triangular bandage.The contents include:

1 bandage guaze,compress 4x4 inch

1 bandage gauze,roll,3 inches by 6 yards

12 sulfadiazine tablets

6 scopolamine hydrobromic tablets

2 morphine syrettes

the complete kit measures 2x3x4.It can be worn on belt or fit in a pocket of the flight suit.minimal quantities were available in january 1945 with other large contracts awarded in feb. 1945.This kit is also a suppliment first aid kit for the M-592 back pad kit.That is the kit in a nut shell.I turned up a ggale of info on this kit from national archives.Herte is a pic of one from my collection it is missing the morphine syrettes other wise complete photo is taken with triangular bandage still in case.

The cases for these things are quite common they are only worth about $5 the contents are another story complete ones often sell for around $300 anymore.

The components are specific for this kit rarely found individualy.

these kits were used all the way into vietnam


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