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Unusual WW2 womans uniform possible Tech Rep

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This is one of the more unusual womans uniforms I have had. It belonged to Mrs. Dillagusta Glenn Samuel of Gadsden AL. It consists of a Signal Corps piped gaberdine tan wool overseas hat, a OD green jacket with Signal Corps officer grad collar insignia, two tan gaberdine skirts with dated tags pre Pearl Harbor and a Camp Shelby Signal Corps wool embroidered patch. Mrs Samuel was a 57 year employee of Bell South Telephone Company. She was married so couldn't be a WAC. The jacket is officer quality but has no cuff stripe and there is no sign there ever were any "USs" on the collar or any rank insignia on the shoulder. I think she may have been a uniformed tech rep for Bell South or a telephone/switchboard instructor for the WACs which did train at Camp Shelby. I'm just to poor of a researcher to much more than the basic stuff.









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is not so strange, at the begginning of the war the Women didn't had their own uniforms so they start using the men's officer's uniforms, but i don't wanna say something not correct.... about now your uniform remind me to this photo.






Always looking for BLUE DRESS ARMY UNIFORMS (1936-1950)


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Looks like the woman 2nd from left may have her skirt on backwards? should the slit be in the back?


In the beginning, the uniforms were not issued so women bought their own. This is just a different style.






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perhaps this ''cut '' of the dress remind to the Nurse blue dress uniforms of 1941


no upper pockets, only lower flaps and belt made of the same material of the jacket, they could be inspired by this ''model'' to design this jacket, i guess also that this coat was made in the early period (1941) just like the skirts, the shade of OD jacket Leaves no doubt.






Always looking for BLUE DRESS ARMY UNIFORMS (1936-1950)


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