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Question about WASP wings


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A WASP reference sheet was posted in the women's section:




I have never seen a different style wing posted for the lozenge type wing. This reference sheet shows one style for the 43-W-8 class and a different style for the 44-W-1 and later styles.


Was there a different style for the lozenge wing?


Thank you for any assistance....Kat

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Well, I looked in my reference book and answered my own question. :lol:


There was a difference. The reference book doesn't show as much of a pronounced difference at the top of the wing near the lozenge. I think that is what threw me for a loop.


Just as an FYI for others, the reference book states:


Class 43 W-8 was scheduled to be awarded the first regulation, official WASP wings. When they failed to arrive, AMICO wings were found. In great haste, the center part of the pilot shield was partially cut away and the new WASP lozenge superimposed.



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