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WASP Wings Reference


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I’m clearing out some signed books in my aviation collection, and found this buried between the pages of a signed WASP book I picked up at the WASP Reunion held n Anaheim in 1996. Thought the wings might make for a nice reference here …




… as well as a shameless plug for the signed book I’m offering in the For Sale section. Titled Wings Over Sweetwater: The History of Avenger Field, Texas, it is signed by 13 WASPs along with the author, Maj. Bennet Monde.





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Well, I looked in my reference book and answered my own question regarding the different style wings. :lol:


There was a difference. The reference book doesn't show as much of a pronounced difference at the top of the wing near the lozenge. I think that is what threw me for a loop.


Just as an FYI for others, the reference book states:


Class 43 W-8 was scheduled to be awarded the first regulation, official WASP wings. When they failed to arrive, AMICO wings were found. In great haste, the center part of the pilot shield was partially cut away and the new WASP lozenge superimposed.



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