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AWESOME Combat Medic Badge and stuff

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Went and picked my daughter up from the airport today. She's good luck so I took her hunting.


First up, a larger Combat Medic Badge, bullion on blue felt. I have seen on khaki but blue? Combat Aircrew wings were worn on blue rectangles, any association? Attached and additional picture of a standard sterling CMB for size reference.


2. 63 HOT SHOTS DIV, tab. Gold bullion on brownish khaki. The 63rd is the Blood and Fire Division. What association would this tab be with a particular battalion?


3. Expert badge with Carbine bar, both sterling. and


4. Single clutch back, Navy GC with 4 stars.





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Mega Score. That CMB is the best I've seen. I don't believe the blue background has any significance, it's just what the very talented embroiderer used. Based on the ribbed satin material of the stretcher, I would say it's Italian-made.

The 63rd Div tab is really rare also.

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Looks like he took the pin back assembly from a US ribbon bar and added it to the CMB so it wouldn't have to be sewn on.

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If you ever think to sell it ... well let me know :) i'm really interested



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