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questions about switlik parachute 1946


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I bought this parachute 2 years ago on Ebay and cant find information or pictures from a pilot wearing the chute?

I dont know in what for aircraft is was used and if it was for a bomber crew or a fighter pilot.

some people say that it was used in thunderbolts after the war

who can help my?




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It is a quick-attachable type made for civil aviation and would not have been used in a military capacity.

Regards, Paul

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WWII Parachutist

As Paul stated, this is a civilian rig and not military issue. I have seen a handful of these in use, but this was not at all common and an extremely rare occurrence.

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I thought beqause there was the switlik harness that it was military,.

This explanes why i never have seen it in use on fotografes .

Was a little dissepiontment of not being military butt the rare occurrence made it up .

Thanks .



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