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WWII jump boots restoration?

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I have a pair of boots that are pretty rough. What should I use to polish these? Is Kiwi brown the right color?


I know that people recommend leaving leather untreated, but these have seen better days, and I'd like them to display a little better than they currently do.post-152108-0-65677800-1432763444.jpg

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I thought about it, but the leather is worn through the original dyed surface in many areas, so dubbing may make them resistant to any sort of dye or colored polish.

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I have used liquid glycerin saddle soap sprayed on a rag or spray and work in.It may blend the dry areas in.Some use Blackrock on old leather


Brush off the dirt with a soft bristle shoe brush and maybe wipe them down with a damp cloth first.

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I can't tell if all of that is worn off or if some is dirt?


that was my thought with the dubbing, too.. is that it would even out the areas.


honestly just cleaning with water might blend them some and make them less noticeable.







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It is definitely wear, not dirt. They are pretty beat-up, and both soles are cracked through in the middle. They do have a beautiful contract stamp inside, though.

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