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Show Off Your WW2 Helmet Nets


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Starting from largest to smallest these are my two 2" nets



First one with no scrim. I wanted to display one of these nets 2" nets in my main collection and I think the helmet and net pair nicely



Next up is the net with "original" burlap. Not 100% on the markings on this helmet (they're made of what looks like masking tape rather than medical tape) but I got the helmet and the net cheap so I decided to have some fun with this one.

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Next is a green 3/4" net. Currently I have it on an overpainted NCO marked helmet. The helmet has signs of ghosting from a net of about this size so it's likely something like this was on the helmet in the past.



1/2" kahki net. I currently don't have this one displayed but just threw it on a helmet for some pictures


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First of a few 1/4" nets. Displayed on a WWII production M1C with rigger made liner



Next is a slightly different style 1/4" net I have on a FS FB Schlueter. Not sure why but I really like how this net pairs with this helmet


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Next up is a 1/4" Canadian two-tone net



Another Canadian net, this time cut from vehicle netting. I have this one on an early FS FB McCord with some wear and tear. The helmet sports a war time field repaint so I felt adding a late war net would make for a nice representation of a helmet that saw use throughout the war.


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Last but not least is my 2" net with "Dennison 1944" tag. The tag is a bit worse for wear but is still holding on. I don't have this one displayed and have no plans to display it on a helmet in order to try to preserve the tag.



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3 minutes ago, sgtdorango said:

Update pic of my commando/sniper/ kellys heroes net collection....mike


Outstanding Mike! Wow! 

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