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The Medal Group of 2nd Lt Walter Dabney Frazier USMC WWI KIA...June 5 1918

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Ok but seriously... how did you get the engraving to look that good with a dremel tool??? You're truly an artisan Robert...


All levity aside, this HAS to be the finest example of a USMC grouping I've ever had the pleasure to look at. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. A somber reminder of Lt. Fraizer's sacrifice and bravery.


I don't know how you do it... Congrats on another amazing centerpiece.

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Is the DSC numbered? Forgive my inquiry if you already stated, I could have missed it.





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Wow, more great DSC groupings from Robert! Keep posting and amazing the rest of us!!





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Wow, another amazing group. That engraving is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.




Always looking for items from these men (family members):
Even if not to buy, to know where they are would be great.
Cornelius Doherty - 108th Field Artillery, Pennsylvania NG, WWI Joseph A. Doherty - 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd ID. KIA March 3, 1944.
Harry Riley - 62nd Armored Field Artillery Bn, Died August 13, 1944. Robert Lester Mahler - I/3/24, 4th Marine Div. WIA March 8, 1945.
Thomas R. Riley - USAAF Joshua L. Doherty - With a Seabee Unit, I believe.
Ens. Alex A. Gorski, USNR - Died as a POW, January 28, 1945. Capt. Henry Gorski, USN (ret.)
Remembering their service and sacrifice.

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Robert, one more time you have done it, ... much to the awe of the rest of us. Seeing a group so intricately engraved like this one is such a pleasure. Many thanks my friend.



- Looking For USMC "Rim Numbered" GCM 26922 & USMC Yangtze Service Medal MNo1086 - - Looking for Attributed - US Campaign Medal Groups - Army or USMC WW 1 Silver Star & Purple Heart Medal Groups and WW 1 Groups with Mexican Campaign Medal or Mexican Border Service Medal




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Coming in late on this, but this is truly an amazing group to an amazing Marine officer. A grail item for sure! Love the engraving, this group was well preserved and obviously honored for a long time before coming into your possession! I'm tempted to drive up there just to admire it in person. Now excuse me, I need to wipe the drool off my keyboard before it fries the laptop!


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LCpl Nicolas B Morrison
LCpl Jon T Hicks
LCpl Osbrany 'Oz' Montes De Oca
Pvt Lewis T D Calapini
'The SOI 5'


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That has to be the best posthumous valor group I have ever seen. What an exceptional rarity. It's great such a set has stayed together all of these years - a true museum piece.


Gary B

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This is truly a dedication of the love of a mother or for a mother by someone to have such beautiful and well done engraving on this Marine’s medal group. As always you are so generous in passing along information and sharing your collection with others one can only say Thank You!









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That is a spectacular grouping. Thanks for sharing!




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Interesting, he enlisted in the Canadian Army in January and was discharged in March of 1917. Did not go over with them. Found these documents in his service record:




Beautiful engraving on those medals.




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Beautiful and historic grouping...two thumbs way up !!!!

"We Polish soldiers, for your freedom and ours, gave our souls to God, our bodies to the soil of Italy, and our hearts to Poland"


-- inscription at the Polish cemetary - Monte Cassino

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