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Unknown US Army Shooting Badges

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Hello, I found these shooting badges at the ACME show last weekend in San Antonio. I wanted to purchase them but the dealer didn’t know what they were worth so he said he was going to hold on to them until he could figure out a price. I would like to know if anyone is familiar with these types of shooting badges and if they are rare/expensive? Also the badges are named on the back. I couldn’t find any on-line but I’m not sure if I am searching correctly since I do not know exactly what they are called.


Any help would be appreciated.






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They are Army "excellence in competition" badges. They may not be "rare" but they are an unusual find.


The last one I saw in Oregon had a $300.00 price tag on it.


The colors denote branch colors, such as light blue for infantry, yellow for cavalry, orange for signal, etc.


There are many combinations of ring color, star color, no colored ring, different emblems/adornments on the clasp, rifles, pistols or BARs for the weapons, etc. It can be very confusing.


If I understand the rules correctly, the bottom left badge with the U.S. ARMY bar would have been awarded for excellence in competition at the annual all-Army match. The bottom right badge appears to have the porticullis (medieval castle gate) symbol for Panama.


These are nice finds and I would love to have them in my collection!

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