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FAST Helmet at Goodwill


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  • 2 weeks later...

It's actually called a Bump Helmet (Not ballistic) but real none the less and most sell for around $600 to $800.


Here is one example. They don't show up much (Real ones anyway)





I was in on it up to $450. Should have went higher but just haven't decided to get that serious about the modern stuff yet, but they're growing on me.



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I could have sworn this one is fake. I thought it was a carbon fiber ops core copy.


What? The ops core carbon helmet is a very real and issued helmet... The fakes are either ABS or some other cheap plastic for airsofters. There are chinese copies of the ballistic and carbon lids but they are easy to spot. This one looked correct, with a very nice Wilcox NVG mount which may have been worth as much as the helmet itself....

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I know it is in just saying. I rushed at a glance and thought it was a chinese copy. I've had one of these as well as a Ballistic maritime helmet

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